Thursday, February 21, 2008

My American Idol Predictions

So, American Idol reveals who we (collectively) voted off tonight. I offer the follow predictions:

#1 Luke Menard: He is probably a very nice man and based off his last name's relationship to the Borges story, "Pierre Menard" I should like him. But, I found his performance dour and forgettable. He will be gone tonight, guaranteed.

#2 Jason Yeager: I just don't think he's good enough to make it into the top 12. His song choice was terribly suited for his voice. I am not as sure about this pick as my first one, I think Chiekezie might be gone too and that little Garrett guy will go next week.

#3 Amy Davis: Not good dawg. Not good.
#4 I've gotta go home now. Not sure about who the other girl will be.
My favorites are David Archuleta, Danny Noriega (even though he kind of bugs me), Michael Johns, Jason Castro (that kid is a star), Syesha Mercado, Brooke White (she's Mormon FOR SURE), and Asia'h Epperson.
Mickelle cannot stand Amanda Overmeyer, though I did think it was cute when she apologized for "pulling out in front of you, dude."


swampbaby said...

I thought Luke would go, too, but I definitely thought Garrett would. I don't even think he should have been in the top 24. And I canNOT stand that Danny kid. I wasn't sure about the girls, but I wasn't surprised with the results, either. I haven't picked a favorite yet.

chattypatra said...

I had no idea you watched this show. Hee!

Haven't picked a favorite either but, since I was unable to watch on Thursday (the ER is *so* inconsiderate that way!), I missed all the fun. ;)

Is it me, or is Simon meaner than ever? He toned it down during the tryouts. Tsk, tsk. Oh, how he loooves to terrorize those kids!

Of course, the beautiful ladies who are his type get treated to nice compliments. I always know who they are because he gets this look on his face that is pure lust. I wonder how his girlfriend feels about it. Oh, well.