Thursday, February 28, 2008

Crash and Burn

So, since next week is our Spring Break here at Coker, and since my TTh class won't meet again until after the break, I gave all the students in my 101 class this morning my standard hyperbolic warning: "The legal drinking age is 21 and it's a scientific fact that alcohol causes STDs." They thought it was hilarious. So, just now in a meeting of all the kids going with me to St. Augustine, Florida next week, I tried the same joke. Oh my gosh! It was so quiet I could hear my hair growing. I bombed so badly that I had to say, "Umm that was a joke." Now I'm embarassed and worried that they think that I'm some kind of a religious nut.

The funny part to me is that it bombed so badly. If I heard something like that, and didn't know the person was kidding, I'd still laugh out loud AT them.

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chattypatra said...

Maybe, just maybe, they are so dumb that they actually believed you; thus, the silence. Hee.

The thing is, even though you were joking, there is a big grain of truth in there. I mean, how many people wish they could take back a one night stand they had when they were drunk? People do some very stupid things when they drink - you know that!

Speaking of stupid things. When I was at Cornell, this guy I had a major crush on got a little plastered at a get together, asked me to slow dance, then proceeded to whisper in my ear how much he loved me. Of course, the next day he asked me, I didn't say anything stupid to you last night, did I?

I was dumb enought to reassure him that no, he hadn't. Oh, well.