Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chelsea Clinton Should Not Be Off Limits

According to this article:

Chelsea Clinton, an important campaigner and political operative for her mother's campaign, is still "off limits" as if she were a child still. At 28, Miss Clinton should be capable of speaking to the press, but apparently she won't even answer questions for a Weekly Reader kid correspondent. She's not a child anymore; the Reagans used Ron Reagan in the 80's for political purposes, and he wasn't off limits--Chelsea should answer the media's questions. That she won't speak smacks of her status as a liability.

I want to know how capable she is, because if her mom is elected president, you KNOW she will be on the White House payroll. You can't declare your family off limits when they're making campaign calls to superdelegates for you. Buck up Chelsea; it's time to grow up.


chattypatra said...

I agree, but not because she is 28 yrs. old. Ms. Clinton has an undergraduate degree in history from Stanford AND a Master's degree in International Relations from OXFORD. If you add to that her unique perspective as the wealthy only child of a former president and of one of the best lawyers in the US who is not only a Senator and former first lady, but the first viable female candidate for the presidency, it's obvious that she'd have much to say.

Chelsea is multi-talented, has traveled the world, met royalty, presidents, prime ministers, major artists, and other great leaders. I'd be surprised if she isn't at least bilingual. Oh, yes, and let us not forget that she is an investment analyst.

She is perfectly capable of giving the press educated and intelligent opinions on matters of importance to our nation and to the world. I doubt that she is a shy wallflower.
Why not buckle up and speak?

It comes across as either she does not agree with her mother's point of view, or she is hiding something. Not good either way.

I think that for Hillary, especially at this stage of her campaign - when her party has backstabbed her and taken away her Florida delegates - putting Obama in the lead, she could use her daughter's savvy to lure young voters and 30 somethings.

Oh, well. It's her loss.

jay k said...

Clintons reap all the benefits but play only by THEIR rules. I agree with Hillary regarding the offensive comment by Schuster. Yet, I cannot help noticing the degree of personal offense Hillary is taking in comparison to her husband's offensive sexual White House behavior.
Hillary wants to be campaigning in three different locations at once. The press may not ask her questions because they may misinterpret her answer. When will the public learn - there are one set of rules: Clintons.

Anonymous said...


What's happening between Oprah and Obama as is being said in the tabloids. How true or fals is it?

Have we learnt everything about what happened with Mary-Jo at Chappaquidick?


Anonymous said...

By keeping Chelsea quiet, it seems as if she knows something and Billary keeps it from getting out by not allowing her to answer questions. Hillary even filters comments on her YouTube and Myspace accounts! Talk about shady!

Anonymous said...

And what do you suppose that "something" is? Be Real. Do you expect Chelsea to spill some beans on her parents? Your speculation is not even worth thinking about.
The fact is that the anti Clintons media is gearing up for another offensive profane attack against that innocent girl who is only doing her best to help her MOTHER like any goood, well-brought-up child would. If they want to go after Chelsea, let them go after Oprah and the Edward Kennedy too.

Mac said...

It's not shady for a celebrity to filter their youtube or myspace comments; it's common sense. I would. But, filtering all comments to the media by stonewalling and saying "no comment" is shady.

Tim said...

I totally agree that Chelsea Clinton should not be off limits to the media. If she presents her campaign ideas in a public platform where we, the public can hear her, then she should be available for the public to question or comment on. Its as if she is allowed to comment about the state of her mother's campaign and be a very public figure-visiting over 20 states-but no one can even ask her a simple question. She can tell us what she thinks, persuade us to believe her, but don't we have the right to do the same to her? She's not a child anymore!! If she is big enough to "hit" the campaign trail and advocate PUBLICLY for her mother, then we should be able to address her PUBLICLY. If you put yourself into the public spotlight, you cannot deny the public access...So, if she doesn't get to hear us, then I chose not to listen to her. We didn't ask her to campaign, her mother did, therefore, she took the initiative to be public!

Tim said...

All the mumbo jumbo about the Michigan and Florida delegates should cease immediately!! We cannot reinstate the delegate count. Why? Because so many people knew before that day's primary that their vote wouldn't be counted. So, in all fairness, a new primary election should be held to ensure that ALL people will then have the right to have their voice heard in those two states!! We knew before that day that it wouldn't count so we stayed home!! If you count them, then I have become disenfranchised just the same...They knew the reprocusions of moving the primaries ahead of Super Tuesday, so deal with it or give me another chance to vote in the primary!!

Anonymous said...

She is being pimped out. If the media wanted to make a point of it, they wouldn't even comment on where the tramp is. Yes, Hillary is the pimp and Chelsea is the tramp. Hillary has an issue with it, then she needs to buck up and pull her daughter to the benches.

Mac said...

Whoa there anonymous, when you call someone a "tramp" no one will listen to you. Chelsea Clinton is no tramp. I don't like her mom's politics or her current behavior, but vile name calling has no place on this blog.

50centsaday said...

Chelsea has been getting more negative press than Obama.

Yet Obama has plenty of points to examine (some of them in the "Obama Primer 2008" at

This story represents how this election has become a case study on how the media controls the information that non-thinking, apathetic voters are getting and using to become part of the current hot thing.

Catie Couric's big story on Friday, the 15th was an interview with Michelle Obama. What about a big expose on the Obama political path? Would hurt ratings I suppose. Lord knows Catie needs some improvement in that area.

Overall, "Sounds good to me," said the deaf man!

Anonymous said...


This is mommy. Sorry I am such a loser.