Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Why I Still Support the Death Penalty

Luke 17:2


thewmes said...

That shit makes anyone sick.

chattypatra said...

We heard about this earlier today. When I told my father, his comment was: "If I were the judge, I'd tie his hands and feet and throw him off the same bridge".

While I do support the death penalty, living in Texas has given the matter a new dimension. Too many men on death row have turned out to be innocent after DNA testing was done, and it worries me.

Serial killers who confess? Definitely. Everybody who commits a murder? I'm not so sure anymore. It depends on the case.

thewmes said...

I don't consider the death penalty unjust in all cases, but I have too many concerns about our ability to administer it. I would rather stand accountable for for people deserving the death penalty being allowed to live, than to be held accountable for people that didn't deserve it being put to death. For this reason I oppose the use of the death penalty. Even if this guy makes me sick.