Thursday, January 17, 2008

What? Does She Only Have Flipflops?

So, I'd been awake this morning for about 90 seconds when my cell phone rings. I answer it, and it's one of my students. A conversation more or less verbatim happened like this:

Me: Hello
Her: Professor Williams, do we still have class?
M: Why wouldn't we?
H: It's icy outside
M: Did it snow?
H: No, but it's icy everywhere, do we still have class?
M: Has Coker canceled classes?
H: Do we still have class?
M: Well, unless Coker cancels classes, then I'm going to come
H: Do I have to come?
M: Well, if safety's a factor for you, then you need to be safe.
H: Do we still have class?
M: Again, if it's icy where you are, you need to be safe.
H: Do I still have to come?
M: Is it honestly not safe for you to drive on the roads?
H: Well, I stay on campus.
M: (incredulous) Well, since you live on campus, I think you can make it. Unless Coker cancels class, I'll be there. Check the website.

I get a call at 7:02 AM for a 8 AM class. I'm thinking that she lives out in the country somewhere, but she lives in the residence halls. This cracks me up. Mickelle overheard the whole convesation and asked me, "Does she only have flipflops?"

Man, I love my wife.


So, she didn't come to class this morning. It wasn't icy, it was actually warmer than it was yesterday, and it was raining. Last night we did get some sleet, but it changed to rain in the night. I'm sure I never did anything like this when I was a young adult (all my mentors just rolled their eyes in unison).

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chattypatra said...

I was going to say that opportunity is wasted on the young, but then I decided to try to be fair. Has she done anything like this before? You say it was raining; is she asthmatic? I only ask because I am, and rain is one of my enemies - pretty, but bad.

Anyway, I hear you. At Cornell, I had to get up at the crack of dawn no matter what to walk to my Chem lab, etc. To an island girl it is pure torture to bundle up, try not to fall on the icy sidewalks, breathe, fight the wind, and then climb up a hill to reach class.

Gorgeous campus, hell in winter.
Some people just hate cold weather - ME!