Monday, January 28, 2008

Political Consequences for Mitt Romney vis-à-vis Gordon B. Hinckley's Funeral

So, with the passing of LDS Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley yesterday, this may cause some serious political problems for Mitt Romney's campaign.

Imagine a few scenarios:

#1 Mitt Romney chooses to attend the funeral. He takes away precious campaigning time before the Super Tuesday primaries. Also, people who wonder about the separation between the LDS Church and the Head of State might wonder why a man with no major position in the Church goes off to the funeral.

#2 Mitt Romney chooses to not attend the funeral. In doing so he eases the secular concerns about his ties to LDS leadership, yet at the same time, he might alienate a really big chunk of his loyal LDS support base.

#3 The Church, hoping to avoid the previous two worries, or to avoid doubling the media storm surrounding the funeral, chooses to not invite him to the funeral. This could be seen as a snub of Romney, even if that wasn't the intention. It could also be a good thing if he says that he'll do his mourning in private.

These are all interesting scenarios, and I imagine that somewhere someone in the Romney campaign has already planned out these contingencies before it actually happened. It doesn't matter, he won't get the nomination anyway.


Brady said...

I see him going with scenario #2. Most of those loyal-lds followers who support him would probably understand the potential benefit from not going.

I also agree that he would be a distraction at the funeral.

chattypatra said...

He definitely should not go. It would be political suicide.

Anyway, I agree that he is not going to get the nomination so, in the end, what does it matter. Actually, who cares? I sure don't!

Emily said...

The channel 5 news this morning said that he was planning on attending. And I'm not so sure he won't get the nomination.

chattypatra said...

Mac, did you watch Stephen Colbert tonight? I was channel surfing, when I noticed he was talking about Pres. Hinckley's death. If you want to know the rest, you can mosey on down to my blog. You won't believe what he said!