Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Mardi Gras Krewe in Hartsville, South Carolina

Tonight, the mystical Krewe of Muses will roll down St. Charles Avenue, and for the first time in five years, we will not be there to great them. Muses is my second favorite krewe after tomorrow night's Krewe d'Etat.

While I cannot be there in the flesh, I will be thinking of my friends in New Orleans, and wishing them all the best. We're having our own Mardi Gras party on Tuesday, complete with red beans and rice, and a king cake.

The main reason I am making this post is to declare my desire and intention to form a Mardi Gras krewe here in Hartsville. This will not be an easy task, because of three reasons:

#1 The vast majority of people think that Mardi Gras is a bacchanalia-infused hedonistic orgy. It is not. What you see on television are a few thousand drunks in the French Quarter. To call Mardi Gras inappropriate would be akin to calling Halloween evil because some adults get dressed up and get drunk at parties. The majority of kids are out trick-or-treating and having a good clean time. Same thing goes for Mardi Gras. I once saw a float rider try and get a girl to flash him, and the spectators starting hurling (with the intent to harm) big strings of beads at him as punishment. Sadly, this will be the greatest obstacle.

#2 Enthusiasm. It takes a lot of work to organize, build, and plan a parade---especially from scratch. People may not want to put in all the time needed. I was thinking of naming it the Krewe of Huitzilopochtli, thinking that perhaps we could get some Hispanics involved, but the name is too foreign to most Americans. So, maybe the Krewe of Odin, or Loki, or Amon-Ra. Anyway, the name can come later.

#3 Money. It takes thousands of dollars to roll a krewe. We'd have to rent floats, hire tractors, decorate the floats, get insurance, pay the police department, and buy all our beads and throws. As I am currently break even, the money would have to come from membership dues and corporate sponsorship of the event. There's a lot of money in this town.

Membership would not be limited to people living in the Pee Dee. Anyone who wanted to join could do so. If you're interested in forming a Hartsville Mardi Gras krewe, please post a comment to this blog with your email address.


Susanna Williams said...

I would come visit you just for Mardi Gras!

Amanda said...

don't worry - the parades were canceled last night. muses will roll tonight with d'etat, hermes and morpheus, though. there's no mardi gras like a mardi gras with the williams'! we miss you!

Hammy said...

Ah. Mardi Gras. Those are my two favorite parades too. We're hoping to be in NOLA for Mardi Gras 09. Join us!