Monday, January 21, 2008

The Amazing Race

Quickly, I'll say that this season's Amazing Race was my favorite one ever. I was so happy that the final three teams were all deserving of the win; it didn't matter to me or Mickelle which team won. I was kind of pulling for Nick and Don, mostly because he's almost 70, and he pole-vaulted over a canal in Holland, but I really didn't care who won (I'm sure the other contestants did).

Ultimately, the best team did win. The Amazing Race and Project Runway are the best reality shows on TV.


chattypatra said...

Amazingly enough, I have never watched it!

Cody said...

Hey Annie and I loved watching Amazing Race this season!!! Thank goodness for DVR

Paul Dunn said...

Caroline and I love The Amazing Race. We have watched every episode of every season. Caroline even Tivos The Early Show for the next day when they interview the most-recently eliminated contestants (or the winners, as was the case this past Monday morning).

At first, we didn't care much for Ron and Christina, but they really did change during the race and they quickly became our favorite team. I actually thought that the show was MORE enjoyable and MORE entertaining since the final 3 teams weren't always trash-talking and cutting each others throats (we were glad Nate and Jen, well, mostly Jen, did not make the final 3).

The Amazing Race is easily the most underrated reality show on TV. I think the reason is because if you don't watch it from the beginning, you won't give it a chance in the middle or at the end of the season.