Saturday, December 01, 2007

Woke up/ fell out of bed

Only problem, I was dead

This is how one gets assassinated. The Venezuelan economy is too dependent on oil exports. It would wreck him to actually follow through. Not only that, but CITGO would go out of business.

We wouldn't kill him, but the Venezuelan oligarchy, as he puts it, has to be plotting something. That much money makes people do evil deeds.


John O. said...

We have a problem in this country in that we think that the cold war is over. In fact, the cold warm is warmer than ever before. Russia is still ruled by a dictator. China still violates human rights. The Communist problem in South America is at an all time high. And of course, now the jihadists are going nuts. The question is when and how do we intervene in humane ways in order to curve the tide that is nothing more than oppression under the guise of Marxism. I truly believe that the Soviet Empire made Marx rollover in his grave, and what is being practiced is "Sovietism" and not any form personal empowerment. This is most clearly evident from how all these regimes crack-down on dissent and opposition.

Anonymous said...

Ya might be beneficial for the 'Green Regime" if Chavez does what he states. People in this country might actually wake up and relinquish their $50,000 SUV's which get 15mpg for something a bit more efficient.

BlueKnight1 said...

I say let Chavez have his life long dream of ruling his country for life. Kill him tomorrow and let the peace reign in Venezuela. It is high time this jerk gets his. He has harmed many and just like the fool in Iran, does not deserve to breathe.

Anonymous said...

Fine, let him cut the United States of America off from his oil.
We pay so much now, so we will pay more and hurt him in his pocket as well.
So much for the gas stations that he supplies in this country.
If it were a $1.00 a gallon my family would not buy that gas.
How dare he threaten this country that way or any way for that matter.
Jerry S.

Anonymous said...

We should ban the import of Venezuelan oil to the U.S. and send the National Guard to the Citgo refineries and nationalize those assets, just as Mr. Chavez nationalized U.S. company assets in Venezuela.

chattypatra said...

Ooooh, ¡qué miedo! I'm so scared!

What a joke! He is such an a-hole.
This almost makes me wish that Hillary Clinton wins the election only to see how she's going to get rid of this clown.

I really wish King Juan Carlos had slapped him hard a couple of times.

Yes, John, the Cold War has never been over because this world is run by money, power, lust, and every other sin that pride begets.

Wars will never be over until the Lord comes back. So what? This is not news to any intelligent person (which I understand is exactly the point you are making).

Let Hugo keep his oil and bathe in it. As if we didn't have any other alternatives, meaning, suppliers and energy sources.

I truly hope the Army or whatever military branch is going to go in and eliminate this guy sends a group of Puerto Rican soldiers to do the job. Why? We are the only American-born citizens without any specific physical characteristics that identify us as a race (we are so mixed that nobody can point and say, That's a Puerto Rican!). Also, we can imitate their accent really well.

Heck, a Puerto Rican soldier was the one who literally found Saddam in his hole (don't ask me how I know that), so we are good at tracking sneaky rats.

If the US went to Panama, kidnapped its leader and brought him back to US soil before their government could react - and got away with it - then we can do this too.

Pres. Bush is not going to be in office forever, and Chavez knows this very well. His time will come.

Heck, if we helped Afghanistan defeat Russia, we can certainly solve this problem.