Thursday, December 20, 2007


So, Mac's Daily Miscellany has been getting an increase in visitors recently. Though most of them haven't made any comments--which I always welcome, from anyone--the traffic to my blog, including repeat visitors, has doubled since August. To all the visitors who lurk without commenting, we are glad to have you with us. To all the people who comment, I love the comments, keep them coming.

Recent places that I've been quoted:

1. The Chronicle of Higher Education,

(you have to click the "From the Blogs" link after the body text of the article)


The article is in Portuguese; it's a translation of my favorite book read in 2007, Will Self's The Book of Dave.

According to google, there are over 1,100 different webpages that link to at least one page of my blog. That's pretty darned good for a personal blog. I'm sure it will go to my head.

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Hammy said...

congrats on the traffic. and happy holidays.