Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Children Are a Humbling Blessing

So, since Marley has started going to kindergarten, she's had problems modulating the volume of her voice. She talks loudly, much like her paternal grandfather was known to do. Imagine the scene: we're in a crowded restaurant, lots of people eating, but the volume in the place isn't all that loud. You can hear Marley's voice above all others. Mickelle, my Mom, and I are having a conversation about how each child is different (comparing Marley to Jack and vice versa).

Someone says something about how little boys are different from little girls at Jack's age, and Marley bellows out, with all her might, "YEAH, LIKE BOYS TOOT INTO THEIR HANDS AND THEN OPEN IT IN FRONT OF GIRLS' NOSES, LIKE DADDY DOES TO ME."

When the paramedics revived the three of us after having passed out from laughing too hard, people were staring at us and snickering.

Yes, I admit it, I buttercup Marley.


JC said...

Nice! We've learned to put our hands over Jaxon's mouth when he gets "the look." "The look" is when he's about to say something completely inappropriate.

chattypatra said...

Ah, yes. How well I remember how they behave. Try 20 at the same time! You go, Marley, embarrass your folks all you want. In a few years, they'll be returning the favor! ;)