Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Apparently, God is Brazilian.....Who Knew?

Brazil recently booked an oil field of some 8 billion barrels of light sweet crude. For those not familair with petroleum stuff, that's a helluva a lot of oil--enough to make Brazil a major oil exporter for a long long time. The president of Brazil, apparently, is convinced that God is Brazilian. I was not aware that Deus é brasileiro.




chattypatra said...

I would have loved to see Hugo Chavez' face when the news broke. Since he thinks he is God, he probably wrote a letter telling his neighbors that they got it all wrong. Heh.

Does this mean we all need to speak Portuguese? I could probably manage Portuñol. ;)

brent said...

Acho que Deus sera um brasileiro quando o dinero deste descobrimento chegar ao povo en vez de o governmeto so.

Mas eu sou um cinico.