Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: The Williams' Year in Review


1. Mac finally earned his PhD
2. Marley started kindergarten
3. Mickelle got pregnant
4. Mac got a good job his first year on the market (which is rare)
5. Jack learned to walk and a host of other things


1. Mac's Dad died
2. Marley's Pappy Mac died
3. Jack's Pappy Mac died
4. Lala's husband died
5. Susanna's Dad died
6. Nanny & Papa's son died

All told, 2007 was a decent year with a pretty miserable October. I won't call this a good year, I can't call it a bad year. It was a middling year. I am so thankful that it's 2008 in a few hours and I can't say "my dad died this year anymore." I'm also thankful that my maternal grandfather didn't die during the holidays.

My Dad's big redfish

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