Friday, November 09, 2007

Vox Patris

So, I get home last night after teaching my night class. Mickelle tells me I'm supposed to call my mom on her home phone. I ring her up on speaker phone while I fix my plate dinner. My mom doesn't answer cause she's out to dinner with friends. The voicemail picks up, and as I'm spooning hummus onto my plate, I break down into sobbing terrible tears; it's my dad's voice on the recording telling people not to leave him messages on the home phone.

Some days are better than others. Yesterday was a hard one.


chattypatra said...

I am SO sorry. (big hug)

Today my father was told that his brother-in-law (my mother's brother), died back in February. Nobody bothered to notify us. He was one of our favorite people.

We had been leaving messages in his voice mail for months, but it didn't occur to anyone else to pick up the phone and call us. The last time we spoke to him was on his birthday in January. He had cancer. This is a very sad day for us...c'est la vie.

swampbaby said...

It is hard. But it does get easier eventually. Just hang in there.