Tuesday, November 27, 2007


A report out of Dillard, Georgia up in the mountains of Rabun County has parents and politicians in a frenzy. It seems that a first grade teacher organized a craft project for her class wherein they made clay ashtrays as Christmas gifts for their parents. The children loved molding and sculpting the clay, but a horde of children's advocacy groups is calling for the removal of both the teacher and the school principal.

What do yall think? Should the teacher lose her job because she had the children sculpt ashtrays?

By the way, I'm just kidding. I did this myself in Dillard in 1981. I made my parents an ashtray as a Christmas gift. If this happened nowadays people would have a shitfit beyond description. Times change. I wouldn't think it appropriate if it happened today, but no one should lose their job over it. But, I bet that's exactly what would happen in our weak-minded zero tolerance society. I bemoan the loss of discretion at all levels in our culture.


chattypatra said...

I went to a Catholic school until I graduated from eight grade. Amazingly, I was taught to be tolerant and respectful of other people's religions. (Guess the nuns were incredibly progressive.)

Like any of our generation, we did many things that would be considered no-nos today and yet, look at us. Did it ruin our lives?

I am tired of the unfair pressure that teachers find themselves under, as if they weren't human beings who can make mistakes. Not only are they expected to be highly qualified (which is fine), but they have to work like slaves in order to comply with all the stupid testing and paperwork required under the No Child Left Behind Law (not fine).

In addition, most of them get no respect from parents or students. As far as classroom authority is concerned, the pendulum has swung to the other extreme.

Granted, teachers get summers off but, when you take into consideration the many hours they have to put in every week both at home and at school, thanks to weekly planning, activities, etc., they have basically worked all those "vacation" hours by the time the school year ends - and they don't get paid overtime!

It takes a special someone to be a great teacher, and an amazing fortitude to stick with it in such an unfair environment. Many great teachers are being driven away from the profession because the pay and the expectations are unfair and, who can blame them?

Two years of slavery was all it took for me to realize that those who stay in the profession deserve a Congressional Medal of Honor.

*off my soapbox*

thewmes said...

I remember making clay ash trays aswell as a kid for my mormon parents. I am not sure that it would turn into a huge deal but you might be right, probably depends on where it takes place.

On other notes President got released on Sunday. He is now the clerk. I am still the 1st, no 2nd and Terry Seamen is the new president. Thought you might want to know.