Monday, November 05, 2007

I Believe in Christ

Last night I dreamed that my Dad came to see me. I asked him if there really was a God, and he hugged me, told me yes, that God was "fun," and it filled me with an incredible warmth--so much so that it woke me up. I was sad that the dream ended, but this way I remembered it.

I'm not declaring that the dream was a message from on high, but it made me feel much better about my dad dying.


JC said...

It doesn't mean that it wasn't either. :)

chattypatra said... wonderful. I have never seen my Mom in a dream.

The night she died, after they had whisked the body away and everyone had left, I went over to the room where I had taken care of her for the past five months. Not only was the bed empty, but some well meaning person had stripped it and deflated the air mattress. I was devastated. I felt numb. I wanted to die on the spot.

Went back to my room and sat in my bed, wondering how I could go on living, let alone sleep, when I received the distinct impression to go back to her room.

Once I got there, I looked at her bed again and saw it: the lovely pseudo ragdoll I had bought her when her memories began to fade.

I knew then what she wanted me to do. Slowly, I approached, picked it up, and took her in my arms. She looked so beautiful...felt so warm. It smelled good and sweet, like my mother did.

I laid down on my bed, holding on for dear life, and fell asleep immediately; slept like a baby too.

I envy you. Go ahead and declare it to the world - you have seen your father again. You have been truly blessed.

swampbaby said...

What a special experience. Thanks for sharing.

Paul Dunn said...

Wow, that is incredible. God sure is mysterious, isn't he?