Monday, November 19, 2007

Ho Ho Ho Banned for Sidney Santas Because It's Offensive to Women

No, I'm not cozening you. According to this article, Santa Claus are no longer allowed to say their constant "Ho Ho Ho" interjection to greet children, but alas, must offer the inane, "Ha Ha Ha" to spread Christmas cheer.

I am almost speechless. At first I thought this was a hoax, but googling, I found several articles in Australian newspapers that confirm the story. We all hear about political correctness run amok, but this is just too much. This reminds me of many other political correct things that have been happening recently.

#1 Sesame Street claims that the first season (1969) isn't appropriate for pre-schoolers anymore, that it would be difficult to create a character like Oscar the Grouch nowadays. “These early ‘Sesame Street’ episodes are intended for grown-ups, and may not suit the needs of today’s preschool child.”

#2 Cookie Monster gets put on a diet.

#3 The disturbing trend I've heard about, even my own nieces and nephews, of "offering" their Halloween Candy to the Great Pumpkin in exchange of a toy. Come on, let the kids have their candy. It's not going to kill them to gorge on candy for a couple of days.

I guess the Sydeny PC Police are worried that the children might grow up and be like this young man:


chattypatra said...

Ho, Ho, Ho!

The Fonnesbeck's said...

The great pumpkin was actually CHOSEN by my children. If your kids WANTED to get rid of their candy, would you let them? Of course. Diabetes, in my opinion, is a disturbing trend. Kids don't need to gorge on 2 pounds of candy.

The Fonnesbeck's said...

And I have to say that his first answer on Jeopardy makes more sense to me than "rake". Ken's answer is much more fitting. Hilarious!

And I didn't mean to sound rude on my last post. Just stating my feelings because since you mentioned my kids and parenting on your blog. Halloween candy is dangerous at our house anyway so I like to get rid of it instead of reading every wrapper for peanut information for Brecken and Elyse.

Mac said...


Okay, your kids chose to get rid of theirs, but how many aren't given the choice? This is a growing trend, and my thing is that Halloween is one of those Carnavalesque moments in life when a kid doesn't really have to follow the rules. It's healthy (mentally) to have that one day a year where you can eat so much candy you throw up. Kids need to gorge on 2 pounds of candy, at least once in their lives. If anything else, the ensuing stomachache will teach them that moderation is a good thing. Otherwise we just breed ascetics.

Also, eating lots of sugar doesn't cause diabetes. Diabetes is either caused by a virus that destroys the insulin cells in the pancreas (type 1), or by hyper-obesity that inhibits cells' ability to absorb insulin properly (type 2). As your children are models of health, they could eat 10 pounds of candy every day, and not be at any risk whatsoever from diabetes.

Now the peanut allergy thing, well, you've got me there. Given the two youngest one's allergies, I wouldn't hesitate to disallow anything that wasn't pure sugar.

For the record, my parents were totally overzealous in their control of my candy. I took to sneaking candy from them.