Sunday, November 04, 2007

Avery Beverages' Woof Water

Read this first:

Avery Beverages is selling bottled water for dogs. You'll notice the rhetoric, "water for hounds and their humans." As you might remember from a few days ago, I maintain that pets, though they be much beloved, have personalities, and might seem human, are not. They are animals; they are property. However, just like humans, they sure as hell don't need bottled water.

Remember this post from September 5th:

No more bottled water! Bottled water is awesome, don't get me wrong. But the idea of paying for bottled water is just ridiculous. If it costs $6 for a gallon of it, that's twice the price of gasoline. Your tap water costs about $4 for a 1,000 gallons of water. You could fill up a 20 oz. bottle a day every day for seventeen and a half years for $2 less. To ship a bottle of Perrier or Evian from France to Chicago uses 2 ozs. of oil (Petroleum).

Now, granted, Avery only sells their products locally (according to their webpage), but they surely won't put bottled water for dogs in glass bottles. Plastic bottles are made from oil. But here again, my biggest complaint is that people don't see the genius merchandising for what it is, merchandising. The water isn't especially formulated for canines. It's just spring water. You're paying an insane amount of money for water, for your pet--for your damned pet!


chattypatra said...

And you are surprised about this...why? Of course someone was bound to come up with the idea, especially in a State as posh as Connecticut!

However, this is NOTHING. If you really want to get all riled up (and justifiably so, I may add), then check out the following links:

Now, I LOVE dogs, but THAT'S outrageous!

JC said...

You know why? Because they can. It makes them better people of course.