Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Eddie Jordan: Corruption, Ineptitude, Racism, and Cronyism

New Orleans is a corrupt place. Having lived there for five years, having watched the nightly news, having seen firsthand the lackadaisical attitude towards rules and law and order, I can make that statement without reservation. Though, there's something about New Orleans that's maddening, and that's this: No matter how much the crime, corruption, poverty, ignorance, and slovenliness of the place, I love it; I miss it; I'd love to be there right now--not to live, but I'd love to be there. For those of you who have never lived in New Orleans, you may find the Katrina victims insistence on moving back insane, illogical, and flawed thinking, but I understand it. I respect it even. They are loyal to a place that is like no other place on earth. You can feel its specialness on the streets. I love New Orleans and I do miss it so.

And, I find myself still reading the local newspaper. I want New Orleans to come back from Katrina stronger and better than ever. Unfortunately, the local leadership has been ineffectual in improving things at a quick pace. You have to understand that the Big Easy has this system of patronage and cronyism that stifles progress and sometimes even staggers people in its braziness. Alberto Gonzalez lost his job for firing a few US Attorneys that were of a different political party, an ideological difference.

Orleans Parish District Attorney Eddie Jordan, an African-American, fired (almost) ALL of the white people in the district attorney's office when he took over from Harry Connick Sr. And, he replaced every single one of them with an African-American employee. Rightly so, a jury found him guilty of having violated civil rights laws against these employees. They won a relatively modest $3.7 million judgement against the D.A.'s office, that has withstood appeal, that Jordan now says his office can't pay, that the taxpayers of New Orleans will have to foot the bill.:

Eddie Jordan is a crony of Congressman William "Dollar Bill" Jefferson and his brother Mose Jefferson, both indicted on bribery charges. Under his watch, the conviction rate for murder has been around 10-12% vs. 80% as a national average. Part of this is because people in New Orleans refuse to "snitch." But, I find it odd that Jordan's clamoring for the city to pay the fine AGAINST HIM (essentially) is because the claimants are going to freeze payrolls to get their money. His worry is that the most "experienced prosecutors" will leave if they are not paid. Funny, Eddie, I would've thought this might have crossed your mind when you fired your most-experienced employees and hired all your cronies five years ago.

Eddie Jordan should resign now. Only in a corrupt place would a person be allowed to remain in elected office after having received a civil rights violation judgement, on the basis of race discrimination. How does this man still have a job? He should be impeached (if that's even possible).

Of course, this is the same city that re-elected William Jefferson after he was VIDEOTAPED, by the FBI, taking $100k in bribe money, and then the same money was found in his freezer.


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