Monday, October 29, 2007

Drivin' and Cryin'

Fly me courageous, I made it to Atlanta. Every song I listened to somehow reminded me of my dad. I cried for miles and miles.

I'm at Emory right now. My dad is having bradychardia every 3-4 mins. His pulse is a steady 46 bpm, dipping down to 43 bpm. He is waning. We laid our hands on him and released him from this life and the other blessings of healing that he had received. Since then he's stopped twitching. It shouldn't be long now.


Cindy said...


We are so very sorry for your loss! Our thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family.

Cindy, Shawn and Caroline

Paul Dunn said...

The last time I read your blog was when you posted about Che Guevara. The next day, you posted your dad was in the hospital. I really wish I would've known sooner, but I'm glad you called me last night. I'm also glad you guys made it in safely last night from South Carolina.

karie said...


I am so very sorry about your dad. Your obituary for him was very good. I think he would approve. His sense of humor and love of life definitely came through. All my love to you and your mom right now.


The Fonnesbeck's said...

I have such a visual while reading this blog post and it makes my heart ache. Thanks for all of the updates Mac - remember, you are hard as nails.