Saturday, October 27, 2007

ABSOLUTE INSANITY: Animals Are Not People and Should Have No Civil Rights

This has got to stop:

The judge should have recused himself from the trial. I know that I would be appealing this verdict immediately. Now, while I certainly think that people who demonstrate cruelty to animals are jerks, and not the kind of people I'd want to hang around, what this man did should not be criminal. It's a damned dog, not a person. The woman should be allowed to sue him for loss of property, but to go to jail for three years for killing a dog. Have we lost our minds?

Seriously? What the hell is going on? Stop anthropomorphizing your pets. Animals are not people. They will not take the place of children you're never going to make the sacrifice to have. Giving them names and dressing them in little outfits doesn't change their nature as animals. They are not Canine and Feline Americans; they are animals; they are property; they should have no rights. What if the man had thrown her pet deer off the balcony during hunting season, would this have carried the same penalty?

We spent $36.3 billion farking dollars on pet health care in 2005. This number is not inflated by veterinarian care for large herds; we're talking about health care costs for taking care of people's personal pets. To give you an idea of how much money that is, it's double the gross revenues of Hollywood and the video game industry combined. We spend this much money, and yet I have to spend almost $10k a year to get health insurance for my family, that doesn't have that great of coverage. My dad's hospital bills are now pushing $200k. People bitch about taxes to pay for socialized medicine, apparently, we could fund several programs if we taxed the hell out of pet luxury care. Pet resorts, pet massages (I saw it on Flipping Out), gourmet pet treats. OH MY GOSH. We're at war, the dichotomy between the rich and the poor is palpable, and we're worried about infernal pets' rights



thewmes said...

So you are obviously suporting Michel Vick in his legal troubles?

Mac said...

I could care less about Michael Vick, but I think he should be able to do what he wants with his property.

Juan said...

"People bitch about taxes to pay for socialized medicine, apparently, we could fund several programs if we taxed the hell out of pet luxury care."
So people don´t have the right to spend their hard-earned and honestly-won money on their pets. You are ridiculous. I am sorry but I care more about my pets than I care about envious scum like you. I will not pay for your failure.

Mac said...

Envious of your petit bourgeois fetish? Ha! People have the "right" to spend their money however they please. When their money goes into an industry that is decidedly a luxury, when someone who works all day can't afford healthcare, then I grant the government the right (it's in the Constitution, Juan) to tax the hell out of it, just like they do other vices.

Ask yourself why you care more about your pets than your fellow man?

Juan said...

Because they are not trying to steal my money to suport their irresponsability. Because your family is yours and to take care of it is your moral obligation, not mine. Maybe you should not have children you cannot take care of or expect your "fellow man" to correct your mistakes.