Monday, September 17, 2007

South Beach Diet Update

So, things are going well so far. I beat the final throes of the carb urges last night. I had this all-consuming desire to gorge myself on carbohydrates. Yesterday, no matter what I ate, I could not satiate my hunger. It was like that episode of The Twilight Zone (1985) called "The Misfortune Cookie" where Elliott Gould is a glutton, and when he dies, his personal hell is no matter how much he eats, he's always ravenous. But, I withstood the hunger pangs and am now happy to report the following:

Weight on 9-4-07 = 417 lbs.
Weight on 9-17-07 = 398.3 lbs.

That's 18.7 lbs in 13 days. That's not a sustainable rate, but I am very happy to be back where I was during the first half of this year. I could tell that my suit fit better yesterday when I was at church, and the safety belt in the car wasn't as tight. Mickelle too is losing weight, but I'll let her report that if she wants to, down in the comments section.

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