Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Playa del Sur

So, Mickelle and I have started the South Beach Diet again. I tried to start it earlier this year, but as a stress eater, I didn't really understand just how stressful finding a job in academia can be, let alone the stresses of trying to finish and defend a dissertation. Couple that with the aggravation and stress of buying a house, moving to a small town, and starting a new job....well let's just say that I fell, hard, off the wagon.

When I started the South Beach Diet in January 2005, I weighed 440 lbs. Right before Katrina hit, I got down to 372 lbs. After Katrina, I found it impossible to not stress eat, so in January 06, I got back on it, and maintained my weight at around 390 lbs. until April of this year. That's when the stress hit, and I responded by overeating. So, the day after Labor Day, with Jack almost weaned and Mickelle able to diet with me (I do much better when we're both on the same page), we started again. I'm not going to keep tabs on Mickelle's weight, but I'll happily reveal my progress. No bets this time (I lost $20 to Paul).

My weight on Tuesday September 4, 2007 = 417 lbs.
My weight on Wednesday September 12, 2007 = 401.3 lbs.

Weight loss in someone of my size is always dramatic at the beginning because of the water weight associated with glucose storage in the liver. Once those supplies are exhausted, then the body starts burning fat. I'm not in ketosis, nor do I really want to be. The South Beach Diet really works if you stick with it. Two things I've found that I don't like doing, and that most fat people don't do, but that South Beach requires:

#1 You have to eat breakfast. I hardly ever want to eat breakfast. I'm not usually hungry until lunch.

#2 You have to eat all day long. Snacks are required. Even if you are not hungry, you're supposed to eat. This keeps your metabolism humming, keeps your blood sugar even, and avoids insulin spikes which tell your body to store excess carbs as fat.

Believe it or not, I don't eat constantly when I gain weight. I just eat huge portions, and the big bowl of cereal before bed. I'm usually starving at bedtime. Have been my whole life. I don't get it. I can eat a full meal, that if it were lunch would last for eight hours. If I eat the same thing for dinner, I am ravenous by bedtime. I have a weird body. Water gives me gastritis; I get acid reflux if I drink water, but not if I drink Coke.

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swampbaby said...

Good luck, Mac! You can do it.