Wednesday, September 19, 2007



JC said...

LOL indeed.

LuchinG said...

Hi. I just read what you said in "Ficciones". I think that the begining of "El Muerto", Borges tells us that the change of fate (or supposed change of fate) is the theme (therefore, the link with "La lotería de Babilonia" is stronger): "Que un hombre del suburbio de Buenos Aires, que un triste compadrito sin más virtud que la infatuación del coraje, se interne en los desiertos ecuestres de la frontera del Brasil y llegue a capitán de contrabandistas, parece de antemano imposible."

Other thing I want to tell you is that, in "El muerto", more than a reference of nature of actions, I see the old humilliation ceremony of "dig your own grave", meaning "I command you even in these circumtances", like the old tale in wich somebody i sent o bring a letter to other kingdom, an in the letter is the death sentece, or like in the example you gave of the slave that stole the ticket. I see powerlessness, not a definition of human race.