Thursday, August 23, 2007

Why I love the ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act is an excellent piece of legislation. Not only does it make modern life and conveniences much more acccesible to the handicapped among us, it also has the added effect of making life easier for all of us. For example,

Public restrooms: In building built in the last 15 years, bathrooms are much larger, have more stalls, more sinks, etc. The large handicapped stalls are especially nice for people of my size. Sometimes I can't close the door on old stalls unless I back up and stadle the toilet.

Door openings. It is easier to gain access to buildings now. Thought investment in layout allows better flow of traffic. Wider hallways make passage easier and much safer in an emergency.

I never used to use the bathroom in public. Now the bathrooms are very well maintained and outfitted.

I find it interesting that the building I work in, Davidson Hall on Coker College's campus, has no elevator in it, yet the upstairs bathroom is wheelchair accesible.


brent said...

What is your position on using the handicap stall? Is it like the parking space, where you should leave it open regardless, because a handicapped person might show up, or can you use it so long as no one else is in there with the understanding that if someone handicapped comes in, they can wait a minute or two?

Mac said...

I use it. As long as no one is waiting. And in some places, the only stall is the handicapped one.

Erin said...

Brent's question of "What is your position on using the handicap stall" would have been a better Miss Teen USA question than the one that Miss South Carolina got.

Mac said...

Good point Erin....that would've been an even better answer too.