Monday, August 20, 2007

Surreal, yet So Real

So, tomorrow I start teaching at Coker College. 33 years old, with 12 years of college has all lead up to this day. I finally will start getting paid, and start my career tomorrow. It's amazing.

Also amazing is Marley starting kindergarten tomorrow morning. She's five years old. I can remember my first day of kindergarten way back in 1979.

I should feel really excited about all this, but I'm numb. All I can seem to think about are all the poor people in the path of Hurricane Dean, and how they're about to go through the hell that I went through two years ago.

Pray for our Mexican brothers and sisters! This hurricane is another monster like Katrina. Espero que nadie se muera, pero sé que no será así.


JC said...

Congratulations on joining the FICA crowd. :)

kirt said...

Congrats Mac,

Must feel pretty strange to turn that corner from student to teacher!

I envy your students, you'll be a fantastic professor...

Kirt Christensen

Darla said...

I hope your new job is going well!