Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jack Williams = Big Dude

So, we the uninsured, paid for Jack's one year well baby checkup today, out of pocket. $105.

He got his MMR vaccine which pissed him off so much that he didn't cry, he just screamed and ripped the bandaids off his legs while looking at everyone with that "I hate you so much" look that he has mastered.

When it comes to how Jack compares to other babies his age.....well let me say that Jack is going to be, what Rick Viken and Buddy Walker called a "hoss." He is 13 months old and is 33 inches long. To give you an idea, he's in the 97th percentile for height. According to one estimator, that makes him six foot 2 by age 20. With my "bone structure" he should be a big fella.

Right now he's just pissed that he got the shots. You can't believe how guilty of a look he can give you.

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swampbaby said...

My sister's kid ripped the needle out of his leg when he was getting a shot. I've never had one do that, but I have had to chase one down the hall, pull one out from under the table, had one kick a nurse in the stomach...too bad it was all the same kid at different times...

Mason will be in the big dudes club, too. He's been off the chart at every appt. His 9 month appt. he was 31 inches and 23+ lbs. They said he was the size of an average 16 month old.