Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Welcome to Hartsville!

So, since we are going to Florida on Friday, and since the old portable DVD player doesn't seem to be working all that well anymore, last night Mickelle and I bought a dual screen one that was on sale at Target for $129.99. We installed it in the Target parking lot, and the drive home from Florence was much better since both kids could watch Bear and the Big Blue House without fighting over who gets to hold the screen.

This morning Mickelle got into the car to go register Marley for school and noticed that a door and the back gate to the car were ajar. We left our car unlocked. We lived in New Orleans for five yars and never were victims of crime. We assumed that small town Hartsville, South Carolina, in a nice neighborhood, things would be different. We were wrong. Someone opened our car and stole the brand new DVD player, stupidly leaving our radar detector and the old DVD player behind. We didn't even own it for 24 hours. To quote Eric Cartman, "I.....AM....SO.....PISSED.....OFF........RIGHT.....NIIIIIIIOOOOOOOWWWW!

Welcome to Hartsville!


karie said...

I am so sorry that you had the DVD player stolen. It is weird that they didn't take the other things in your car. When I was living in CA, I had only had my Civic for two months before someone smashed the window, ripped the stereo out, and found my purse - which I never leave in my car. I wonder why my car was chosen, because there were five cars at my house to choose from. Two of them were even unlocked, and one of those had a laptop, cellphone, and purse all sitting in plain sight in the back seat. Thieves just stink!

JC said...

That sucks. Maybe someone followed you home from the parking lot. Our first DVD player died a few months ago as well so we got a new one at Target. Maybe it's the same kind. We only use it on long trips. It's a life saver for sure, so I'm sure you'll be getting another. Remember the time you got your car broken into in Provo? Go figure.

Mac said...

Problem is, we couldn't really afford this first one. If I buy another one, I'll have to charge it.

Ryan S. said...

I have seen the same thought process in the small town in which I live. People leave their homes unlocked and their keys in their cars. Then they comment how safe out little slice of heaven is. Of course, I know of 3 different neighbors (within 2 houses of mine) with FELONY charges currently pending. And another neighbor had their truck stolen last week, which was involved in a high speed chase that ended 200 miles away. They left their keys in the truck, then were worried because the house keys were also in the truck.

My point is that crime happens everywhere, and usually is a crime of opportunity. Your house probably wasn't targeted, it was probably someone walking by that saw the DVD player, saw the doors unlocked and thought- hey look, my next fix!

Sorry to hear that your car was broken into. Those DVD players are worth their weight in gold.

JC said...

Hey, I can't afford them either. I charge them. :) Welcome to the club.

thewmes said...

Our car got swiped a month ago and the NOPD hasn't even generated a report yet so we can get paid by the insurance company.