Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Than Meets the Eye

So Mickelle and I went and saw the Transformers movie last night. I was very entertained. It did bog down at one point, some of the bot-on-bot action was a little hard to follow, there was no Deceptigon characterization, and there were some obvious places where there were deleted scenes. But, otherwise, it was great.

The Autobots looked amazing. Shia Lebouef did an excellent job acting. The girl interest was as smokin' hot as a young starlet can be these days (the scene where he bites his knuckles behind the hood while the camera lingers on her midriff is priceless). I liked the premise of the movie. It had heart. It wasn't necessarily kid-appropriate, but it wasn't really meant for the same kids that buy the toys. It was just a good popcorn movie that didn't need
"theatrics" to pull off what it wanted to do.

Other observations:

1. There was too much vulgar swearing in Spanish. Puto, joder, culo, were all heard. The MPAA needs to learn to hablar español.

2. The little Scorpion bad guy got his tail shot off, dug down into the sand, and we never saw him again. Is this a loophole for a sequel? Or a gaff?

3. It too had the infamous Michael Bay negotiation moment. You know, just like in ConAir, the Rock, and Armageddon, this movie too had the good guy having to tell the authorities what exactly they wanted in return.

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brent said...

"...some of the bot-on-bot action was a little hard to follow..."

Bot-on-bot action? Sounds like this one should have been NC-17.