Friday, July 27, 2007

Fruit Poke

So last weekend we were up in Cedar City, Utah for a Fonnesbeck Family Reunion. Mickelle's Uncle Mel & Aunt Linda had very graciously paid for us to stay two nights in the Super 8 Motel so that we wouldn't have to drive up from St. George both days. Mickelle was getting ready in the bathroom, Jack was on the floor at her feet, and I had to urinate. Now, in spite of my bashful bladder syndrome affected peeing ability, I can usually go if only Mickelle is watching, so I started urinating in the toilet while having a conversation with her.

She was doing one of those facial contortions that apparently allow better coating of mascara, when all of a sudden I felt a very distinct poking of the back of my testicles. I looked back to find Jack standing up with a finger extended and smiling up at me.

That's an experience I'll never forget.....hopefully he will.

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