Tuesday, July 03, 2007

^%&*#%$ %@*&!

We just realized that we left all of the kids' DVDs in the car, and they took those too. We lost all Marley's Disney DVDs. She is just crushed and in tears. That's like $1,000 in movies, and because they're Disney movies, you can't just go and buy them at the store. Most of them are on hiatus.

The thief is making my daughter shed innocent tears. He stole Christmas and Birthday presents from a little child.

My heart is filled with anger, at a total stranger. I don't even know with whom to be angry.

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JC said...

I was going to ask in the previous post about the DVDs. I figured maybe the one in the player got taken. That's too bad you had all of them in the car. Those are hard to come by.