Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Optimal Primer

So, as I was applying what would be the fifth coat of yellow paint to the walls of my daughter's new room yesterday , I began to cuss myself for not having used a primer. No matter what I do, you can still see the blue through the yellow. Primer is a good thing. This use of "prime" made me think of my good friend Norman Sandridge's love of the original Transformers (1986) animated theatrical release, and how his eyes would light up as he re-enacted the battle scene in Autobot City between Optimus Prime and Megatron. He would set up the scene, and then stand up as if he were blocking a doorway, and then in his best booming voice he would say "NO MEGATRON!"

As a stockholder in Hasbro, 50 shares that I bought at around $14.50 a share, I am very excited about the prospects of this movie from a capitalist point of view. Hasbro did not front any of the money, so it won't reap any of the box office, but it does own all the toy, video game, etc. sales. I am very excited.

But, I am even more excited about the movie itself. Now even though Michael Bay is the director, he of the Pearl Harbor and Armageddon train wrecks, I still think the movie has huge potential. It just plain looks cool. I wish there were some way that Norman and I could go see it together in the theatre. I don't know if we would have the same excitement as we did for the old one, but damned if it wouldn't be just good to see him.

Norman, wanna meet me in North Carolina or something?



Anonymous said...

I understand that those Transformers are a little bit more than meets the eye. Any truth to that?


Norman said...

Mac, I'll be in Raleigh on next Thursday. Want to have lunch?

J C said...

Hey Mac! Love the blog! Enjoy the movie. And by the way drink Starbucks as I am a stock holder and it is mmmm mmmm good.