Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Assassination Watch

Due to recent headlines, I get the inkling that an assassination is on the horizon. I truly hope not, but there are too many people making statements and decisions that could cause others to want them dead.

For example:

1. Hugo Chavez. He has just angered ExxonMobil and ConocoPhilips by nationalizing oil fields in the Orinoco Basin that those companies paid to develop. They each spent billions of dollars. Now that both companies have walked away from the negotiating table by refusing to agree to Chavez's terms, I'd be very very concerned if I were one of his bodyguards. People that anger energy companies have a way of dying nasty deaths.

2. Salman Rushdie. Praise to the British Crown for having the courage to knight such a deserving subject. Unlike the spineless wimps at the Nobel Academy who haven't the courage to award him the prize he so obviously deserves (they might impact their butter exports to the Middle East), the British have decided to beknight one of the best authors of the 20th Century. With that said, the infantile Muslims that cannot tolerate free speech and democracy, are once again calling for his death. Hell, even the Pakistani Minister of Religion claimed that unless the Crown renounced his knighthood, a suicide bomber was justified in killing Rushdie and himself. If I were Sir Salman, I'd be very cautious for the next little while. You never know when some dimwit might decide that he is Allah's tool and take you out.

3. George W. Bush. Frankly, with as many radicals as there are that despise Bush, I am amazed that no one has really tried to assassinate him. Perhaps the real reason is that if you kill the president, then Dick Cheney would be next in line, and THAT would be even worse. Thankfully, our executive leaders are protected from wouldbe assassins by some of the best bodyguards around. The Secret Service are willing to take bullets for those they protect....amazing. Killing our president, any president, would have disastrous effects on the economy, the national psyche, etc. I am glad we live in a society where political differences don't mean that your rival will try and kill you. Even crooks like Nixon can be pardoned and forgiven. A lasting reminder of our national ability to forgive our enemies is that Jefferson Davis and R.E. Lee were not executed after their surrender, but were allowed to live out their lives at home.

I pray that no one gets assassinated!

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J C said...

I will pray with you.