Sunday, May 13, 2007

E.T.Booth Basketball

I was watching High School Musical with Marley yesterday, and all of the basketball scenes got me to thinking about my days at E.T. Booth Middle School in Woodstock, Georgia. Booth was home to 7th & 8th grade. My good friend Dillion Armbruster teaches there right now. But, a quick look at their web page tells me that the only teacher left from when I was there (it's been 20 years) is Coach Bill Elliott, always a class act, just a great guy.

Anyway, the basketball teams there, from 1986-1988 were managed by yours truly. The first year, both teams were coached by coach Harold Barwick (I think that was his last name). When Coach Elliott came, he was given the 7th grade team. Anyway, Coach Barwick was kind of a prankster of a man. He had certain things that he liked certain ways.

One of our classmates was a really tall kid named Augie Valido. Augie sucked at basketball. He got one minute of playing time in two years. I could beat him at one on one (probably not). Watching the movie with Marley reminded me of exactly why Augie was on the basketball team. Coach Barwick, loved, absolutely loved, calling him Augie Doggie. That's why Augie made the team. Ahhhhhh the 80s.

Cherokee County is a whole other place now. I can't even imagine someone like Barwick surviving in the new school system. It's a shame. Barwick made you realize what kind of man you DIDN'T want to be. Sometimes kids need rolemodels like that.


mlr1020 said...

i go to et booth and i'm kind of like that kid you were talkin about. i suck at basketball but i always try out for the team and always make it to the last cut but not the team. coach elliot still coaches and led us to county champs last year and this year we didn't pretty good as well.
i wonder how old coach elliot is?

Anonymous said...

E.T Booth sucks.... Its all about Cherokee Middle!!!

Christy Robertson said...

Any idea as to where he is now?