Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech & YouTube

The Postmodern is here. We can now experience a piece of the horror via the ubiquitous cell phone movie camera. YouTube is abuzz with videos. Here's a sampling. I feel someone numb to the whole incident, kind of how I felt that first morning after Katrina. Watching the news and seeing what was happening seemed surreal.

Cell phone video, you can hear the shots being fired:

This is an interview with a victim detailing his interaction with the gunman.

Of course there's some asshat saying that the violence is a symptom of "america spreading wars around the world":

and this might be simply the sickest, vilest, most desperate thing I've seen in ages. Self-proclaimed Asian Supremacist and God of the Universe, Kenneth Eng, gives his response to the massacre:


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Paul Dunn said...

Something like this is so tragic and so sad. You can't really even begin. It's just a complete shame. I wish there was something I can do... but all I can do is pray and hope for peace for those who lost their children and best friends. When you break it all down, it doesn't matter if it's Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Texas Tech, Cal Tech, or Southern Tech... it only takes one nut or one asshole to ruin it for the rest of us. All the laws in the world mean nothing to those willing to break them.

Hopefully people will learn from these situations. What to do, how to react, and when to see the signs. The courage of those who survived should be used as a tool to train others what to do.

May Virginia Tech find a way to shed this horrible incident and be known as the outstanding school that I know it to be.