Saturday, April 14, 2007

Newsweek is a rag

So, I bought a Newsweek so I'd have something to read in the bathroom on this trip to the University of Iowa. It's the issue dated April 16, 2007 and has Arnold Schwarzeneggar (sp?) on the cover talking about "Save the Planet or Else."

It's not that I'm calling the magazine a liberal rag or a conservative rag, it's just a hack writing/science/etc rag. Allow me to illustrate my point.

1) In an article by Barbara Kantrowitz and Karen Springen called "Will Polar Bears Be OK?", the authors quote Joanne Cantor who says, "What scares kids are these horrible images of bad weather like Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami and all the tornadoes and that sort of thing, which seem to be part of global warming" (80). Now, I can understand, in the context of trying to calm children's fears that you could mistakenly call the tsunami, caused by an earthquake, "weather" but.....

2) Allow me to quote from Anna Kutchment's article called "It's Hip to Be Green." She writes,

"Those too young to remember the legislative victories of the 1970s, like the creation of the EPA and the Clean Air and Clean Water acts, have come of age in a world where recycling, organic food and annual Earth Days are a given. But they may also be the first generation to feel the effects of climate change so dramatically, from 70-degree winter days in the Northeast to the Christmas 2004 tsunami to Hurricane Katrina" (76-77).

So, Ms. Kutchment, and all the editors at Newsweek, WHAT THE FARK DOES CLIMATE CHANGE HAVE TO DO WITH THE 2004 TSUNAMI? Pray tell! I'd like to know how global warming caused this seismic catastrophe. I could see making this mistake one time in the magazine, especially given the nature of the article. But twice, oh please. This is hack journalism and deserves to be disparaged, upbraided, and severely ridiculed.

3) Page 10, unknown author, "Conventional Wisdom Watch" and I quote, "Mitt Romney, nowhere in polls, but enough Mormons tithed to their man to make him GOP money king." Romney is not the "Mormons" man, and tithing is a sacred sacrifice that equals 10% of one's income. No one gave him 10%, and it's certainly not a holy offering to his campaign. This one's nitpicky but it just shows how they play loose and fast with symbolism that they don't fully understand.

I can't imagine that I'll ever buy a Newsweek again. If you want a great magazine, read The Week. Some of you may have gotten a mystery subscription to it. If so, that was my Christmas present to you.

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