Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lest we forget

Much ado has been made recently about the "innocence" of the Duke Lacrosse team. Certainly, it would appear that their accuser is a disturbed person who reacted to their insults with false allegations. The men did not rape her, apparently. But, let us not forget the types of 'men' these boys are.

1) They paid $800 for two "white" strippers to come to their home and titillate them.
2) They became bored with the strippers moves and asked them if they had any sex toys. When one of them refused, they asked them to insert a broom handle into their vaginas.
3) And then there's the infamous email. I'll let it speak for itself. Ironic or not, in homage to American Psycho, it summarizes the overt misogyny of these kids and their attitudes towards women. I need only refer you back to my post about an article in Rolling Stone about 'Sex at Duke' to remind you of the hedonism that abounds there. The email:

These boys thought they had created a little kingdom of ass for themselves at Duke. It bit them on it. No one deserves to be accused falsely of rape (of anything for that matter), but this whole incident serves to illustrate how the depravity of pornography and misogyny inherent in 'lad culture' is one of irredeemable monstrosity.

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