Friday, April 06, 2007


So, we got a flat tire yesterday on our trip up to Georgia. We had just gotten on to I-59 where it splits from I-12 and I-10. A self tapping screw blew out the back driver's tire. Our car was overloaded with stuff that we were putting in storage at my parents'. We had to pull all that out, and then get out the spare and the jack. Semis are whizzing by my head as I try to get the jack level. You know those grooves they cut into the shoulder to let you know when you're out of the lane? Well, they make it really hard to get the jack level. We jack it up, get the tire off, and the car falls off the jack. I'm not swearing yet. I get it jacked back up and it seems as though the spare should go concave side out. The lugnuts would nest better in the holes that way. The owner's manual doesn't say; the spare doesn't say. I put it on, get all buttoned-up, and try to move. The tire just drags itself along. Damnit, it's on backwards. Thoughts of Ace Venture flash through my mind. Swearing a lot now as I smash my hand getting the jack back out. Get the spare turned around, get back on the road, headed back towards Slidell, LA. Find a Goodyear, they get us right in; while inspecting the other tires, the front drivers side also has a self-tapping screw in it. They can patch that one. The other tire is shot. We get it all taken care of, $225 (tires for Magnums are expensive), and get back on the road, arriving at 2AM having left NOLA at 12PM.


Semper Fi. While changing the tire by the side of the road, a Marine veteran, driving a red corvette, pulls over to make sure we were okay and offer his assistance. There are good people in the world, in answer to Jack Johnson's interrogative.

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karie said...

I hate tires. I can't wait until we all get to drive the hovercraft things that Luke has in Star Wars. Why do tire salesmen think that girls are really stupid when it comes to tires? Granted, I have no idea what a self tapping screw is. However, I am able to look at a tire and tell if it was sliced open by something inside or outside of it. Why do we even have warranties on our tires, when the you know that the tire store will say that the flat is not from a faulty tire? Sorry, done now.