Thursday, April 26, 2007

Kelly Clarkson on American Idol Last Night = WOW

If you didn't catch this, wait until dark, turn down the lights, make sure you have a good speaker set to listen to, and turn this up, then listen to it with your eyes closed.

Dude! She gave me chills


swampbaby said...

I love Kelly! And she totally rocked that place.

Anonymous said...

Did it bother you that Jeff Beck got so little fanfare in that performance? It was like, "HOLY FRICKIN' CRAP, EVERYBODY, IT'S KELLY CLARKSON!!! (Also, some guy named Jeff Beck will be backing her up.)"

Jeff Beck is probably one of the top 5 guitarists of all time, and if he hadn't lost his mind when the Yardbirds broke up (literally), most people would probably think of him in the same manner they think of the other two great guitarists of that band: Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. He's undoubtedly one of the true pioneers of his genre. As such, I guess I just don't like that he gets stuck as the footnote to a performance by the flavor de jure on a show which does nothing else besides celebrate the flavor de jure. I think he deserves more than that.


Anonymous said...

Sorry. Me not so smart. I, of course, meant jour for jure. "De jure" means "of swears." Not what I intended. Sheesh.


Mac said...

Jeff Beck needs no introduction. His guitar play was flawless; subdued and the perfect starkly clean companion to her throaty voice. It bothers me that his performance got so little attention, but it is a singing show. He deserves more than that, but if we look at her reaction when she finished, I think you can tell that she was as blown away by his playing as we were by her voice. Her hug wasn't a hollywood hug; it looked heartfelt to me.