Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Is This Hell?

No, it's Iowa:

So, I'm in Iowa City, IA for The Place of Letters: The World in Borges Conference, where I will be presenting my paper "Zoroastrian Symbolism and Existential Dilemmas in Jorge Luis Borges's 'Las ruinas circulares.'" It is mid-April and it's cold and snowy. Surely this is some kind of mistake. Anthropogenic climate change, El Niño (that's Spanish for the niño), and all that aside, t'aint supposed to snow in April.

I met Daniel Balderston tonight, one of my favorite Borges critics. I was a little in awe, and probably came across as such.

The airline lost my baggage so I had to walk outside in the snow in my shorts, sandals, and guayabera. Luckily I brought a jacket with me or would've been imprisoned in my room until they finally brought me my suitcase.

In 1992 I and seven of my buddies drove from Atlanta to Dyersville, Iowa to play baseball at the Field of Dreams movie site. It was a great trip. It was April. It wasn't snowing, and that was 3 hours north of here. This is hellish weather, and if Shoeless Joe were to ask me, "Is this hell" you can all guess what my answer would be.

With that said, Iowa City has some gorgeous architecture, and the campus is amazing.


JC said...

Nice of you to sneak in a reference to Chris Farley. The weather is crazy. Everything had bloomed here in KC and now it is all dead. If the cold holds a little longer, we might be able to get everything to bloom again. Maybe.

Tim said...

I agree on how great the architecture is in Iowa City. When I drove to Nauvoo for the Temple open house a few years ago, we stopped in Iowa City for gas and food. We drove around the university and checked the area out. Very nice area, and some great looking buildings.

Norman said...

Mac, Are you going to visit the Field to see if our plaque is still up?