Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dissertation turned in

So, the final defense copy of my dissertation was printed and placed in my committee's boxes last night. I defend May 3, 2007.

Wish me luck!


Paul Dunn said...

Hat's off Dr. Williams. All the best on your defense. Just be nice, okay?

JC said...

Does that mean you can play video games again?

Barbara said...

Probably, just probably, the last thing you would want to do right now is provide some feedback to an undergraduate in Ohio who is fascinated by Jorge Luis Borges...but here's hoping.

I teach Spanish at Oberlin College. I use blogs in my class. One of my students, Luke, is a powerful thinker and has latched on to the poetry of Borges. He loves translating and he loves reading.

Knowing of course that your defense is imminent (good luck) I was wondering whether you might have any interest in visiting his blog and leaving a comment or two. he would appreciate it...

The url is

Good luck@