Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chez Williams

We've made an offer on a place in Hartsville, SC. If the closing goes well, we'll be the proud owners of this house:

As you can tell, it on a large lot, has 2100 sq. ft./4 bedrooms/ 3 baths, formal living and dining rooms, a den, etc. We like it. I hope all goes well. We'll have to replace the kitchen counters, and Mickelle wants me to finish the laundry room that's off the carport. We didn't pay sticker price, and they are getting the first $2000 of closing costs. There aren't really any more photos available, unless my mom has some. Mom?


swampbaby said...

Very Cool! Congrats!

Ryan S. said...

That is an awesome looking house. Where I live, you couldn't buy a bare-naked lot for the price of that house. It looks like it is in good shape- I hope all goes well!