Saturday, March 17, 2007

Speak into the mike

So, Mickelle and I went and saw The Departed tonight. It was awesome. Just awesome. It has left me convinced of several things:

1. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best actors around. I usually forget it's him and start thinking of him as the character he's playing.

2. Matt Damon did an equally amazing job, in no way subservient to DiCaprio.

3. Jack Nicholson was his usual self. I admit, dejectedly, that I liked him in this movie. He usually bugs me, and given his sort-of involvement in the Roman Polanski sortid thing, I have always viewed him suspiciously. Nevertheless, he is a talented actor.

The movie is gripping. It tells a story. It has perfect characterization. You care about the characters. They are compelling. You can't figure out who's bad and who's good. The plot is not predictable at all. At one point in the movie, something so unexpected happened that I just yelled out "Oh, Shit!" Mickelle slugged me in the arm and people laughed at me, but it was an honest reaction--something I'm still trying to figure out. It just blew me away.

This is one of the best movies I've seen in ages.

(It's not for the faint of heart)


Paul Dunn said...


Sorry I haven't read your blog lately. Apparently I've missed some entertaining stuff. Also, I sent you an email about tomorrow (Tuesday) night.

karie said...

So what did you think of Mark Wahlberg? He was the one nominated for an Oscar. Was it deserved?

Anonymous said...

Jane, you ignorant slut.

I didn't like it. I'm not a guy who needs happy endings, but I sure like to know why the characters are dying, and how that's furthering the plot, and damnit all if they didn't all die for no reason at all. What am I supposed to take from that? I still have no idea how to explain that plot. It reminds me of "A River Runs Through It": no plot, really, just some credits, a whole lot of violence, and then some more credits.

And for heaven's sake, I think whenever the writer couldn't decide what the next line should be, he decided to throw in f-bombs. And it looks as though this guy couldn't decide what the next line should be a whole lot. And lest there is some confusion on this issue, I was less offended by the use of the word, and more offended that the dialogue was so unimaginative. It may be time to inform the writer that you can modify nouns with other adjectives besides "f****ng."

(And please don't try to tell me it's realistic for the characters. If we were going to write books and movies where the characters only talked like normal people do, you'd rule out most literature. Hell, the Coen brothers would be out of a job.)

And what was the point of the affair with the therapist? What did that do for the plot? Absolutely nothing.

I have more, but I'm stopping before I really get agitated. I'm ranking this movie just behind "Catch and Release" for stupidest movie I saw this year.


Thewmes said...

This may be the first movie I have seen in a long time that had any real suspense, for that along it is worth watching.

Mac said...

Mark Walhberg is Mark Wahlberg. He cannot act like anything other than himself. Watch Planet of the Apes, I Heart Huckabees, and The Departed. He plays the same character, an angry quick-mouthed Yankee.


I agree with you in part. The dialogue was both unimaginative and tried to be "authentic." Unfortunately, Boston Massholes talk this way, and you can't expect these people to have deep conversations. The "if she doesn't look at you, she's a cop" line being about the deepest thinking we could expect from them. I also agree with you that the therapist subplot was dumb, the letter he gave her ultimately had no reason for being. It was the only flaw in the movie.

What I loved about it was the great acting and the totally unforeseen (by me at least) ending.

I have to agree with Matt...the suspense palpable.