Friday, February 09, 2007

North Alabama Wants Me!

So, I had an interview this morning on the phone with North Alabama, and now they've called an invited me for an on-campus interview. They wanted me to come on Feb 15th, but I'm sorry, I can't miss Muses or Krewe d'Etat, especially since it's my last year here and because I have to go to Wyoming with my family. I know that'll sound odd to those of you who haven't been to Mardi Gras, but I just told them "I have previous commitments these days" and that I am available after I get back from Wyoming or on the 14th. They want me to come after Wyoming, and they will let me know on Monday exactly when.


Susanna Williams said...


I think that this trip does have the "desired bonding effect" that Papa intended. Just like parents can't schedule true "quality time" with their children, families can't prescribe what events will bring them together. As far as I'm concerned, the fact that our entire giant family (except Amanda and give or take some others) can be not only in the same place, but in the same state ACROSS THE COUNTRY from where most of us live, where our 82 year old grandmother came of age full of elk meat and nicotine, to do nothing but hang out together for a week is some sort of sadistic and beautiful act of God. And your being all we-should-do-a-service-project-instead, Dad saying that someone should have used a spread sheet, the Oh-how-I-wish-Roland-Barthes-were-here elk feeding, someone SPELLING MY NAME WRONG on the itinerary, and the likely lack of leafy greens and quiet is all a part of what it is to be a part of our crazy, loud, abrasive, bossy, endearing, wonderful, imperfect family. It may not be "bonding" but it is a real week, a piece of time, that we will all share together, for better or for worse, which is exactly how you have to accept your family if you are to really love them. That said, I'm probably going to be really pissy and irritable! Can't wait to see you!


P.S. I mispell "separate" all the time, too. Just remember: "A is okay." Kisses!

karie said...

I was going to ask why in the world your family was going to Wyoming, but then I read Susanna's message. Hope you have a good time and are still on speaking terms with the family afterwards. I think the North Alabama thing is great and look forward to the follow up. Good luck - with both Wyoming and North Alabama.

Tim said...

Not to mention the fact that Marley and Jack's Uncle Tim is coming to visit those days!