Tuesday, February 06, 2007

LDS Church on St. Charles Avenue Vandalized/Burglarized

Last Thursday night, someone left open the seldom-used front door of the LDS Church on St. Charles Ave in New Orleans. Sadly, this mistake allowed an unknown individual or individuals to enter the building. They used the fire extinguisher to break into the clerks office and the branch president's office (by smashing holes in the wall, and reaching around to unlock the doors). They somehow pried open the filing cabinet. When they realized that there was no cash on the premises, they proceeded to use the fire extinguisher on the clerk's office and the hallways--coating the entire building in the fine yellow powder of the extinguisher. Evidently, they opened all the other cabinets (kitchen, chapel, etc). Surprisingly, they didn't attempt to break into the library where the televisions and such are stored.

The police told us that this is the fifth church burglary on Saint Charles since the New Year.

We held church at the Stake Center in Metairie on Sunday, but we will be back on St. Charles this coming Sunday. Just in time for the Mardi Gras parades.

As I type this, an attack of the hives is coming on. I don't know what to do about this.


Clay said...

People suck.

Karie said...

I am so sorry about the attack on the church building. It feels very personal. Funny how we become attached to buildings. I am glad that it won't take that long to get everything fixed.