Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hello from Florence, Alabama

I just got into Florence. My first instinct is "THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOULD BE." It is gorgeous, exactly the kind of place I want to raise my family, and close to my relatives.

On the way here from Tuscaloosa I noticed that every little town has three things: a post office, a convenience store, and a BBQ joint. The best name I saw, which I didn't have time to take a photo of was The Boar's Butt.

Wyoming was horrible, without a doubt the worst trip I've ever been on (Sloop John B included). In case you wonder why.....

1. We missed Mardi Gras (this alone would do it....but no...)
2. Altitude sickness (out of breath ALL the time, 6200 ft)
3. Coming down with a cold, stayed in bed sick for two days, I'm still sick by the way, current fever = 101.6F (always good to go into an all day job interview with a really bad cold)
4. Falling hard in the snow in the parking lot of the airport (who knew that snow could cut?)
5. Flight delayed 4 hours, caught last flight from Atlanta by five minutes
6. My ears didn't unplug after landing in New Orleans. I had pressure that felt like someone was running a pipe cleaner through every inch of my sinuses and now the pressure in my ears won't go away. It feels like I'm underwater.
And the kicker.......
7. Taking Jack to the emergency room with a 104.5F fever (earache)

I will never ever go back to Jackson Hole unless I am called on a mission there. There's a reason no one lives in Wyoming.

I am so freaking stressed right now.


JC said...

That sucks you didn't enjoy your trip. We've been to Jackson Hole a few times and enjoyed it quite a bit. However, we went in the summer. I'm sure it makes a big difference. And white water rafting is fun fun fun.

Darla M. Wiese said...

oh man that's awful! I have a friend in Jackson Hole, but he loves it there! hehe I've nevre been. Florence sounds like a nice place though! I'll make a note to visit it sometime-- do you have a food review?