Thursday, February 01, 2007

Coke Zero Cherry is in my hand

I have become a fan of Coke Zero since starting the South Beach diet some two years ago. While always complaining of the taste of diet vs. the Real Thing, I have grown accustomed to it now, though I will always prefer its original cousin. I always choose Coke Zero over Diet Coke, though I will choose Diet Cherry Coke over everything else. I did notice that Coke has recently retitled all of their beverages. It's no longer Cherry Coke and Diet Cherry Coke, but Coca-Cola Cherry and Diet Coke Cherry. I guess that's a move to simplify the design process since they began bastardizing the Coke flavors into ever more Robotussin tasting extremes: Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla anyone????? I didn't think so.

So, when I came home yesterday, Mickelle told me "Mac, Winn Dixie had Coke Zero Cherry." I was thrilled. Today, I did a taste test, and I think I prefer the Coke Zero Cherry to the Diet Coke Cherry, but only if the Coke Zero is really really cold. It tastes more like regular Coke, but the Diet Coke Cherry has a much stronger and realized Cherry flavor. I'm a little torn. Let's only hope that Coke keeps making good decisions like this one instead of trying to make Coke taste like Yoplait yogurt.

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JC said...

What do you teeth think about your Coke Zero Cherry?