Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Blogging Intrigue(d)

Those of you who know me personally know that what you read on my blog is essentially how I am in real life. What you see is what you get. Which leads me into today's post.

Last week I was contacted by a small religiously oriented school and offered an on-campus job interview. We attempted to arrange a time when I could come visit. I was offered two scenarios: either the beginning of next week, or the last week in February. I was excited to have another opportunity besides the interviews I've already had. I was told that I would be contacted by the end of last week to clarify the exact dates. It came and went, and then Monday, and yesterday morning, I received an email from this school telling me that due to logistical and budgetary constraints, etc. that they were forced to rescind their offer to me as they felt that had to bring the highest ranked candidates to their campus first.

I understand that budgets fall through problem. But, then I clicked on the IP map of the recent visitors to my blog, and about five minutes before this email was sent, someone from that school clicked on my blog for "zero seconds."

Now, I'm wondering if they somehow clicked on my blog, read something, and decided not to hire me. Many of my friends in academia, and articles in the Chronicle of Higher Education have been warning me about my blog, about how it might be perceived by potential employers. I truly feel that my blog is how I am. I think my blog is a window into who I am as a person and as a scholar; nothing on it should be offensive to the average person. I am prompted to wonder about the job environment in a place where people aren't comfortable with me as a person. If, indeed, that is the case. My stat tracker is usually very accurate, so if it was only for zero seconds, maybe I'm wrong.

Either way, I'm determined to make a principled stand. Academic freedom, intellectual freedom, personal freedom all motivate me to not curtail or hide my blog. It is what it is. It is what I am. My blog will continue until I no longer find it worthwhile.

My wife supports this decision.

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