Monday, January 22, 2007

South Beach Diet Recommitted

So, two years ago this week, I was pushing the scales at 440 lbs. My wife and I began the South Beach Diet and seven months later I was down in the 375 lbs range, once weighing in at 372. Then Katrina hit, and we did our best, but by the time we moved back to New Orleans in December of 2005, I was at 399 lbs. Since Mickelle was pregnant, it wasn't healthy for her to do a strict South Beach regimen, so I tried to do it by myself. I was able to get down to 378 at one point, prompting me to hope that I would make 360 by the end of the year. My friend Paul Dunn bet me that I wouldn't (solely to motivate me) and I lost that bet. On 12-31-06, I weighed 389 lbs.

I got lazy, got apathetic, whatever. I began to gain weight again. I wasn't doing much different, but my body was soaking up what I put into it with gusto. Two weeks ago, I determined to begin the South Beach Diet, Phase 1, again today. This morning, I tipped the scales at 400.7 lbs. There's something about 400 lbs that scares the hell out of me. I'm not so worried about my health, which is fine (191 cholesterol, BP avg 130/75, pulse at rest-68 bpm, blood sugar =100, I can touch my toe to my nose). I just don't want to be a spectacle. I want my clothes to fit better. I want to be able to be more comfortable. I don't want my weight to prevent me from doing stuff.

I will lose 40 lbs by July 22nd, and keep it off up until that date.

Paul, if you want your $10, tell me and I will give it to you. Or we can go double or nothing that I weigh 360.7 lbs or less on July 22, 2007. Your choice. Mine too.


Norman said...

I'll take some of that action. And maybe you and Paul could work out some kind of mutually-encouraging bet, like he has to run the half-marathon in under 2:30 (which I think he can do). Or you might make a bet on who can eat fifty hard-boiled eggs in an hour. I'll be happy to cheer either of you on with "get mad at them damn eggs!"

Norman said...

BTW, Mac, I meant to say "right on!" with your diet and all. That you have the resolution to do anything at all in the middle of completing your dissertation and looking for a job speaks volumes about your will power (which I know is a topic of your dissertation)!

Mac said...

Cool Hand Luke is a fun movie.

Mac said...

I can not eat food any time I want. I just have no will power with sweets. Thanks Norman. I do know this; it's far easier to diet when someone else does it with you. I just can't stick to it if Mickelle's not on it too.

Clay said...

Good luck!

Paul Dunn said...


First, I want to apologize for how I've been posting some less-than-flattering messages on your blog lately. You are going to give me my come-uppance one day soon. I can feel it.

Second, I will gladly go double-or-nothing with you. I'm curious to know why July 22, 2007. Seems quite arbitrary. Is it just because it is 6 months from now?

Third, and I'm telling you this as a friend... Stop making excuses. The best way to kill achieving a goal of any kind is to launch an excuse any time you have a setback.

I am the King of Excuses. I can sit here and blame-storm until the cows come home and then run away again. I'm just that good at it. Caroline believes that one of my greatest flaws is my ability to deny fault and procrastinate. It's reckless (minus the abandon).

My point is that the only person that can make a difference is you. I don't want your money. Prove me wrong.

I'll take it one step further. For every additional pound you lose beyond 360 lbs., then I will donate $10 per pound... $5/lb. to the Marley X. Williams College Foundation and $5/lb. to the John McLarty Williams IV College Foundation.

So if you managed to get to say 310 lbs. on 7/22/07, then I'd owe Marley and Jack $250 a piece. Deal?