Friday, January 26, 2007

Shocking! Static Electricity Reminds Me of Why I Hate the Cold!

Conway, Arkansas:

So, one thing you forget when you live somewhere for five years in a place that rarely gets cold and that has zero carpet anywhere, is that when it's cold and you walk on carpet, static electricity builds up, and when it gets a chance to go to ground, it will do so. Every time I reach for a door handle at the school here, I get the snot shocked out of me.

I remember the wonder with which María Eugenia (Maruja) Chaves López would scratch her feet on the carpet at my house and then touch the door handle on purpose to feel and see the static. When we showed her how the spark was bluish in the dark she was absolutely amazed. She is from Costa Rica and when she came to Georgia in December of 1995, that was the first time that she had ever seen or even heard of such things.

My interview here has gone very well. I am optimistic about my chances. Conway is a beautiful place and the people seem very affable and collegial, which is very important to me. Also, I am certain that the pay will be excellent, so I plan to give any offer my full attention and consideration.

Mickelle told me that Marley asked her today, "Mom, after Jack goes to sleep, can we schedule some 'girl time'?"

She's a total crackcup

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Paul Dunn said...

I get shocked every time I get in or out of my truck at this point. It's pretty cold up here right now. I'll be going to Orlando tomorrow, so that will be a nice change. Except for the rain that will likely follow me there.